The Best Mosquito Repellant: The Fan

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When planning your event outdoors, do not forget to include enough fans to cover your event area. Mosquitoes track you by the carbon dioxide you exhale, so sitting in the breeze of a fan is the best way to go stealth on them.  Your carbon dioxide gets blown away so there is no pathway for the mosquitoes to follow. Bonus:  The breeze from the fan wreaks havoc on mosquitoes' flying ability.  Just as you do not like turbulence when you fly, mosquitoes will steer clear of it. The bigger the fan the will cover a larger area to protect everyone. Placing fans around the perimeter of a tent is the best way to protect everyone.
Fans will also keep your guests cool on hot and muggy days.
See the article below from the New York Times on the subject.
A Low-Tech Mosquito Deterrent By WILLIAM J. BROADJULY 15, 2013 Over the Fourth of July holiday, my wife and I joined some friends for a barbecue in their backyard. The guests were lively and the space w…

Save $10,000 (or more) With Plastic Elastic Table Covers

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How to Save Money Using Plastic Elastic Table Covers Event venues as well as restaurants that use linen on their tables can save literallythousandsof dollars on linen costs by using Plastic Elastic Table Covers on top of their linen (or in place of them in some cases).

This will save money on either the cost for linen rental orthe cost for washing, ironing,  and packaging linen in-house .

Using Plastic Elastic Table Covers instead of linen:Byreplacing one linen with a Plastic Elastic Table Cover,  the entire cost of a linen rentalis saved on the first use.  But... since Plastic Elastic Table Covers are durable and reusable, the cost of an additional linen rental is saved each time the same plastic elastic table cover is re-used.  Just wipe off the plastic table cover between uses and watch your cost savings multiply.  In addition, replacing lost or damaged linens due to cuts, burns, mildew and stains that do not come out...are now a thing of the …

How to design a Poster Board Layout


Poster Board Goals The best poster board has more graphics than text and is easily readable in a very short amount of time.The poster board should be self-explanatory so any reader can easily follow the content without stopping to figure out what they just read.The goal is to make your main points (2 or 3 not overload with info) in a limited amount of space (typically a 4'x 6' poster board) with attention grabbing info & graphics.
This type of poster board will allow a reader to fully understand your topic, its premise, and ultimate conclusion. Text Use a simple font for printed text (eg. Arial) that can be read from a distance of about 3 feet.  This means the type size should be about 1/2 inch tall.  For the Title text, use a 1 inch high type size.  Print out a test page and measure the font with a ruler to check for appropriate size.  Hang this test paper on the wall and see how far away it is readable.  If the font is too fa…

Why & How to Host a Poster Session

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Targeted CommunicationUsing Low Tech Displays Why A Poster Session?Research takes a lot of time to accumulate, compile, and publish in an understandable format (click here to see how to lay out a poster board) the Research Presenter; you want to get this valuable information into as many of the right hands as possible. A Poster Session is a highly effective way to do this.  A large amount of presenters can communicate their research topic to a very interested group of attendees in a short amount of time. Efficient Information Flow Attendees will gravitate to the poster board(s) that interest them most to have an intimate one-on-one question and answer session with the presenter. This discussion can be in depth and last as long as two hours.  Attendees have time to fully explore and understand the presentation. Presenters get their work seen by people who need to see it. Brainstorming often occurs during this information exchange among peers that …

Cover Your Tables And Your Barrels

Mark Saponarocamelotspecialevents.comCovered Tables at Events: Everyone knows it is better to cover tables at an event (click here to see why) than to leave them bare:
Table covers make tables look more uniform and hide table imperfectionsTable cover colors can tie in with the event theme or corporate colorsAssigned table seating can be color coded to show where General Seating is as opposed to VIP, for exampleCovered Barrels at Events: Nobody even thinks about the lowly trash barrel...those ubiquitous grey brutes that are scattered throughout the event venue.  As it turns out, for many of the same reasons that tables should be covered, Barrels should be covered too:
Most trash barrels are different ages...older ones may be damaged.  Barrels may even be different colors from different manufacturers.  Many metal drums at outside festivals and other large scale events could use a make-over in some cases.  Make them all look the same with vinyl barrel coversUse Barrel Covers to splash col…

New Android App for requesting a plastic elastic quote


STEMWARE: Plastic or Glass? - Rent or Buy?

Pin It Usually, the thought process involves whether to buy glass stemware, or save money and buy disposable plastic stemware. Renting Stemware (as an option) may not even be considered. As it turns out, the cost of renting glass stemware, such as the Champagne Flute is actually LESS than buying disposable plastic (at less than 50 cents each, how can you go wrong?), and you can have it delivered right to your door!

Don’t get me wrong, plastic disposable stemware can be useful on trips and vacations as well as pool-side (glass is no fun when it breaks there). It is sold as two-pieces, stores compactly and can be thrown away, so it does not matter if it gets broken. But, for your local parties and events, it does not make sense. If you decide to go this route anyway, make sure to buy more than you think you need. Your guests will throw them out and get a new one for their next drink because they know they are disposable.

Disposable Plastic stemware must be assembled, and when you are h…