Cover Your Tables And Your Barrels

Mark Saponaro

Covered Tables at Events:

Everyone knows it is better to cover tables at an event (click here to see why) than to leave them bare:
  • Table covers make tables look more uniform and hide table imperfections
  • Table cover colors can tie in with the event theme or corporate colors
  • Assigned table seating can be color coded to show where General Seating is as opposed to VIP, for example

Covered Barrels at Events:

Nobody even thinks about the lowly trash barrel...those ubiquitous grey brutes that are scattered throughout the event venue.  As it turns out, for many of the same reasons that tables should be covered, Barrels should be covered too:
Blue, White and Black 55 Gallon Drum Covers
Plastic Elastic Barrel Covers
  • Most trash barrels are different ages...older ones may be damaged.  Barrels may even be different colors from different manufacturers.  Many metal drums at outside festivals and other large scale events could use a make-over in some cases.  Make them all look the same with vinyl barrel covers
  • Use Barrel Covers to splash color around the event venue with strategically placed barrels (grey is so drab!)...there are even patterns available; Patriotic color patterns for election events or national holidays, and black & white check for a retro look or for that black tie event
  • Barrels that are color coded with Barrel Covers can be used for different types of waste; regular trash, food trash, toxic trash, etc.
Recycle Barrel Cover
Recycle barrel Cover
Barrel Covers for Recycling will save you time:
  • Barrel Covers are available in "Recycle Blue" with the recycle graphic printed on them
  • Your event guests will automatically help keep bottles & cans, plastic, and paper separate from the regular trash, saving you some work
  • You will also not have to pick through the trash (as much) to separate recyclables after the event, saving you time
Great Recycle Hack - Temporary Trash Barrel Re-purpose:
  • Put a Recycle Barrel Cover over your trash barrel when you are running out of space in your recycle container to increase recycle capacity for that week's pick up
  • After the recycle truck has dumped the "temporary" recycle container, take the Recycle Barrel Cover off and save it for next time.

White Water Barrel Covers
Water Barrel Cover
Barrel Covers for Tent Ballast:
  • Water barrels (tent ballast) are used to hold down tents where staking is not allowed
  • The color of these barrels can be blue, black or white...but there can also be color variations within a particular color...or dirt, paint, etc on some of the barrels
  • A white barrel cover put over each water barrel makes them blend with the white tent and tent walls, while giving them a clean, uniform look...especially important for weddings of VIP events

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