Save $10,000 (or more) With Plastic Elastic Table Covers

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60 inch round Plastic Elastic Table Covers in the beer tent

How to Save Money Using Plastic Elastic Table Covers

Event venues as well as restaurants that use linen on their tables can save literally thousands of dollars on linen costs by using Plastic Elastic Table Covers on top of their linen (or in place of them in some cases).

This will save money on either the cost for linen rental or the cost for washing, ironing,  and packaging linen in-house .

Using Plastic Elastic Table Covers instead of linen:

By replacing one linen with a Plastic Elastic Table Cover,  the entire cost of a linen rental is saved on the first use.  But... since Plastic Elastic Table Covers are durable and reusable, the cost of an additional linen rental is saved each time the same plastic elastic table cover is re-used.  Just wipe off the plastic table cover between uses and watch your cost savings multiply.  In addition, replacing lost or damaged linens due to cuts, burns, mildew and stains that do not come out...are now a thing of the past.
Floor length Linen with Plastic Elastic Table Cover on top

Using Plastic Elastic Table Covers with Linen:

Plastic Elastic Table Covers can also be used over your linens to keep them clean.  This allows you to get multiple uses from linen before having to launder it.  For example, use a floor length linen on a round table and top it with a round plastic elastic table cover...then just wipe the plastic cover off if there are any spills...instead of replacing the linen after each use.

In-house linen costs savings:

 Costs to wash, remove stains, iron,  pack and store linen are greatly reduced.  Excess linen inventory is not needed since the same linen can immediately be used again.  Worn out linens are less of a problem since they will be washed and handled less.
The Farmhouse Bistro saved seventeen thousand dollars on linen rentals in one season.  They used a floor length linen on a round table with a plastic elastic table cover over it. This allowed the plastic linen topper to be wiped off between parties. The floor length linen did not have to get changed after every party.

Savings can add up quickly. As an example, a single table could be turned over ten times in a one day.  A floor length linen can cost $12,  so one table can save $108 in linen rentals in a day.  A small cafe with ten tables saves $1,080 per day if all tables are turned over ten times each.

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