Table Covers - a Rainbow of Colors

Whether a simple disposable cover is used, or an ornate fabric one, every table looks better "dressed". Your budget, and the type of event dictate what kind of table covers you should use.

For lower end events or budgets, Plastic Table Covers are just the thing:
  • They are available in a variety of colors to match your theme or decor.
  • The cost is inexpensive compared to Linen.
  • When they get cut, snagged, burnt, stained, etc. there are no replacement costs required. No making sure they are dry and worrying about mildew.
  • After the event is over, only take what you need off the table, gather the plastic table cover up like a trash bag, and throw it away in one fell swoop !
One available size is the 82" round or octagonal cut cover which fits just about any round table. The amount the cover hangs down the side of the table varies with the table size:
  • The 72" round table will have a 5" hang all around.
  • The 60" round table will hang 11"
  • The 48" round table .......... 17"
  • The 36" round table .......... 23"
  • The 30" round table .......... 26"

The other common size is 54" x 108" (there are also rolls which are much larger). This was designed to fit six foot and eight foot long rectangular tables. There is also plastic which comes in a roll 40" x 100' long (primarily used on rectangular tables. This is a great way to save even more money because it is in bulk. The roll will cover 15 six foot tables or 11 eight foot tables if you cut the plastic carefully.
The roll plastic can save you a lot of time if you have to cover several dozen tables. Line up 15 six foot tables and space them 7 to 8 inches apart. Tape the end of the roll to the first table and roll it over all the tables making sure to tape the plastic where necessary to keep it in place. If you have a sixteenth table, roll the plastic onto it or have someone hold the roll while you cut the plastic with a utility knife (the best knife is the kind with the break-away blade you can extend out 4" or so). Then carefully cut between each of the other tables and tape the plastic where needed. This should be done where there is no wind or a lot of tape will have to be used.
Paper, and Plastic With Paper Backing table covers are also available. Some kind of cover is better than none, and it will make the table look better - that is, until it gets wet. The paper will break apart and make a mess and will not be useful as a way to "bag" the table trash at the end of the event.
To hold table covers on outdoors, use blue painter's masking tape and secure it beneath the table. The tape holds well and releases without leaving adhesive residue. Clear plastic table clips can also be used - they clip over the edges of the table and blend well.

A new type of plastic table cover has elastic around its perimeter.  No clips or tape are needed as the elastic grabs onto the table's edge so the wind cannot blow it off - always a concern with taped or clipped table covers.

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